Three Items That Definitely Require Custom Picture Frames

When it comes to framing family memories, many people will simply go to the local department store and get one of the frames available there. These are mass-produced frames that will certainly do the job for certain types of pictures but will not provide that unique, personal quality that you want for certain pictures and family memorabilia. While custom picture frames do cost more, the uptick in quality and the ability to get that perfect fit is so important when it comes to the more meaningful pieces you want to display. Here are three items you should always get a custom picture frame for.

Combined Military Service Display

Many families have relatives who fought in some of the wars that have gone on in the last 100 years, and often they will have military photographs, medals, and other records that indicate what war that relative fought in. Instead of trying to fit all these different items into a flimsy picture frame from the local store, you should get a custom picture frame made that can handle the different items in a cohesive display. Displaying everything together, and keeping it all in one place, provides an easy and memorable way to commemorate their sacrifice.

Old Family Photographs

When photography first became popular amongst every group of the population, it was very different from what it is now. Often these older photographs will degrade quickly and may not come in a conventional aspect ratio that neatly fits into a mass-produced picture frame. Custom picture frames can be made to properly show off these incredibly delicate older photographs in the way they were intended to be. All you need to do is take these photographs to one of the many photography and custom picture framing developers near you, and they will handle this process with the care it deserves.

Childhood Art Pieces

Every parent thinks their child is an artistic prodigy when they are growing up, so many will save a lot of these paintings for decades. Incorporating them into a family display wall can be fun, but only if they are framed neatly, not just tacked to the wall like a poster. Custom picture frames will keep the paint, texter or pencil artwork safe from prematurely ageing by being out in the sunlight, while also making it look a lot neater and more presentable. That way they fit much better against other family photos and portraits and don't stand out so much. 

To commemorate these pictures or to learn more, contact a local custom picture frame manufacturer.

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