Two reasons why business owners should have their staff's corporate headshots taken by professional photographers

Because most smartphones nowadays have very high-quality cameras, business owners who need to have corporate headshots taken of their staff sometimes mistakenly assume that taking these images with a smartphone will produce the same high-quality photographs as those that a professional photographer would create. This is not true. Here are some reasons why those who need corporate headshots of their staff should book a photographer to do this task.

The photographer will be better able to take flattering and professional photos of the staff members

Corporate headshots will usually be displayed on a business's website and its marketing materials for several years and will have a significant effect on the public's perception of the business. As such, it's extremely important that these images portray the staff in a professional and flattering light. Whilst having a good camera can make it easier for a person to take a high-quality, flattering photo of a person, it is just one of several factors that can determine the quality of a photo.

A professional photographer will not only use an excellent camera for a corporate photography session but will also utilise their own expert knowledge of lighting, facial expressions and head angles to ensure that each staff member looks their absolute best in their headshot. They will know how a person should, for instance, tilt their chin to ensure that there are no unflattering shadows cast on their face. They'll also know how to put the staff members at ease; this is crucial, as many people feel awkward when having their photo taken and this can result in their posture becoming stiff and their facial expressions nervous or unfriendly. A good photographer will be able to help each staff member to feel calm and keep their posture and facial expressions natural and relaxed.

The photographer can easily retouch any small imperfections in the photos

Another reason why those who need corporate headshots of their employees should book professional photographers is that the latter usually offer a photo retouching service that can allow them to remove small imperfections from the photos. For example, if the photographer takes a fantastic photo of a staff member, but the staff member has a blemish on their face that they feel self-conscious of, or realised after the photography session that they had a stain on their tie, the photographer could remove these minor flaws with their photo editing software.

It's important to note that a photographer who uses this software will produce much more subtle and natural-looking retouched images than a person who takes headshots on their smartphone and adds a generic photo filter to try to disguise some imperfections. The former will, for example, ensure that if they remove a blemish from a staff member's face in a photo, the area that they retouch will not look blurred or be a different colour to the rest of the person's face. In contrast, when a person puts a filter over a headshot to eliminate a flaw in the image, they might end up with a very unnatural and obviously filtered photo that will not look professional.

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